C-Hunter Dental Caries Detector

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Dental Caries Detector - COXO C-Hunter


We promise that all items we sell are original, which produced by COXO. They are the same manufacturers, same model, just the logo is not the same. We use logo as YUSENDENT now.


  • 1.Effective function for decayed tooth- detection , quickly, easily, painless
  • 2.Wireless operation, Lightness using 
  • 3. Support minimally invasive surgery, safely, lighten patient's fear
  • 4. Mini slender mainframe designing, provide the best treatment operation 


  • Adaptor working voltage: AC100-240V, 50-60HZ 
  • Lightwave Data: LED intensities:40-280mw
  • LED wavelength: 380-420nm
  • Diagnostic goggles: >500nm

Dental Caries Detector - COXO C-Hunter

Dental Caries Detector - COXO C-HunterDental Caries Detector - COXO C-HunterDental Caries Detector - COXO C-Hunter

As shown in the illustration,the tooth is illuminated in violet during the excavation.
Carious tooth material and healthy dental tissue is excited to fluorescence.
The operator views the cavity through a filter.
Shorter wavelengths are thereby filtered out, in particular the violet excitation light.
Light with higher wavelenths remains visible through the filter,so that the red-fluorescent 
sections of a caries can be easily detected and compared to neighboring 
green-fluorescent, healthy tooth material.
Thecarious tooth material can therefore be precisely removed with a bud bur or scraper.

Package with:

  • BASE BODY(1 pcs)
  • light rod 90°(1 pcs)
  • charger(1 pcs)
  • Adapter(1 pcs)
  • Diagnosticgoggles(1 pcs)
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