GA-81 Oilless Portable Dental Air Compressor 800W Ultra Silent

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Dental Oil Fee Air Compressor - Greeloy GA-81



  • Power: 800W
  • Volt./Hz: 110~240V    50~60Hz
  • Speed: 1400/1750 r.p.m
  • Air Flow: 155L/min at 0Bar
  • Noise Level: 53dB
  • Max Pressure: 8Bar
  • Restart Pressure: 5Bar
  • Tank Capacity: 40L
  • Weight: 28/36kg
  • Product Size: 410*410*650mm

For all air compressor we can provide

  • 1. Ultra-quiet: The sound is very low when the air compressor is working to meet all requirements for indoor use.
  • 2. Ultra-clean: Pure oil-free design, original oil lubricated piston system, high efficiency, low loss, ultra-clean exhaust gas, to meet the needs of the equipment, and protect the safety of the operator, so far as to response to the "green" global call.
  • 3. Anti-rust coating: Inside the gas tank has rust, anti-bacterial treatment, to ensure gas cleanliness and product safety.
  • 4. Low energy consumption: Pressure and gas production take on the golden ratio, under the conditions of the least energy consumption fastest output up to the gas source, and automated design for starting and stopping , not only save power, the more you do not need worry.
  • 5. Technology: cylinder liner system exclusive development of nano-coating technology to abandon ordinary oil-free material manufacturers, quieter, cleaner, longer life, to meet the more demanding areas, such as food, medicine industry.
  • 6. Dry sterilization: Special double vacuum drying and filtration equipment, not just the removal of particulate impurities, little more than a sterilization effect, to meet the supply of high purity gas source and protect the user equipment.
  • 7. Safety in Use: The machine is equipped with multiple automatic protection system, when use environment voltage, pressure or current any exception will automatically shut down to protect the safety of equipment and personal.
  • 8. Easy to use: Electrical connection with automated design, working without staff on duty; pressure can be adjusted freely according to requirements, without complicated maintenance, just regular water supply and drainage.
  • Stylish.
  • 9. Appearance: Greeloy Medical Air Compressor have fashion design, good performance and practical, regulate the operation of the working life of 20,000 hours or more; various design are the industry's top engineers for natural Thatcher.
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