HL-YMC4 Dental Alginate Mixer

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Dental Alginate Mixer - ZoneRay HL-YMC4



HL-YMC IV. Alginate Mixer, it is our company’s forth generation alginate mixer, the first semi-automatic alginate mixer on the domestic market. This equipment is used for making false teeth, it replaces the handwork of mixing the Impression Material. It has characteristics of labor-saving, fast, well mix and less bubble. This new type with a high-end foot control, you can adjust the speed by your foot. And it also with big LCD screen to show working time, speed, and vivid image. It’s more convenient, and humor to operate.

The product has obtained national patent, the patent No.: 200720106521.0 and It has CE Certificate。


2.Technical Data:

  • 1.  Power supply: AC220V,50Hz;or AC 110V,60HZ
  • 2.  Speed:According to your needs range from 0 to 300 rpm,speed controlled by the foot control, which allows you to further release your hands,    enjoy the driving pleasure, bring you to" fly" feeling;
  • 3.  Timing alarm: set the working time 20 seconds, after 20 seconds warning lamp flashes, beeps, remind the user to use the impression material as soon as possible, avoid drying or coagulating;
  • 4.  Overload shutdown: when the force caused the motor overload, it will automatically stop rotating after 3 seconds, then press the start button, start again;
  • 5.  Gross weight: 3.0 Kg;
  • 6.  Using the latest foot switch control. Similar to automobile accelerator;
  • 7.  Adopt the large LCD display, which can bring vivid image, let you be full of wit and humour in operation.

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