DB-138 Dental Wireless Portable Intraoral Light

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Intraoral Light - COXO DB-138


We promise that all items we sell are original, which produced by COXO. They are the same manufacturers, same model, just the logo is not the same. We use logo as YUSENDENT now.

1. Dental Light of dental treatment;
2. Medical examination of teeth and consultation of patient;
3. Dental examination before and after implant, scaling and tooth whitening and reformation;
4. Dental examination by travel or by home visit, and external dental treatment for the old or disabled person;


1. Wireless & rechargeable illumination solution for oral examination
2. Designed for optimal patient comfort
3. Biteblock helps patients to comfortably open month
4. Protects the patient’s tongue while optimizing and illuminating intraoral workspace
5. Secures and opens valuable space inside a patient’s month
6. Inregrated suction maintains a clear space for easy examination
7. Autocalvable biteblocks,TIPS and suction Kit
8. Functions: lighting, mouth opening, tougue protection, suctioning function for securing
9. 3 different intensity led light

Model: DB138 portable intraoral dental light
Input: AC100 - 240VAC
Output: DC 5V / 1A
Battery charging time: 1 hours / consecutive use after battery charging 1 hours
LED luminance: over 5000 lux
Storage temperature: -20C - 70C
Operationg temperature: -10C - 40C
Humidity: 10% - 80%
Color temperature: 5500K
Luminosity with wihite color light: High - 6000K, Medium - 2000K, Low - 1000K

Package With

Handpiece with battery pack x 1
Biteblock x 1
Cradle x 1
Adaptor with USB cable x 1
User ’s manual incorporated with warranty card x 1

Intraoral Light - COXO DB-138
Attention To Your Use Of The Product

Please separate HANDPIECE with battery pack for the safety and sanitation of the product.
Every time after use of the product, please wash the BITEBLOCK and sterilize it.
Please keep it in the sealed disinfected envelope.

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