Baolai® P9L Dental Ultrasonic Scaler

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Ultrasonic Scaler - Baolai P9L

Ultrasonic Scaler - Baolai P9LUltrasonic Scaler - Baolai P9LUltrasonic Scaler - Baolai P9LUltrasonic Scaler - Baolai P9L


Auto Water Supply Scaler with L3 LED Alloy Detachable(Autoclavable) Handpiece, TW3 Alloy Torque Wrench,EW1 Endo Wrench, 4 pcs Endo Files(15#*2, 20#*2), 2 pcs Bottles and 6 pcs Tips (T1*1, T2*1, T3*1, T4*1, T5*1, E1*1), Scaling and Endo, CE Certified

Quick Details:

  • 1. Model Number: Baolai P9L
  • 2. Type: Cleaning & Filling Teeth Equipments
  • 3. Water supply: auto water supply
  • 4. Function: scaling, Endo
  • 5. Power supply: Built-in adapter
  • 6. Handpiece: Detachable alloy handpiece
  • 7. CE certificate
  • Size: 243×145×150mm      Scaler tips: T series
  • Gross weight: 2.6kg           Frequency: 28-31khz
  • Adapter Input: 110/230v     Handpiece: L3   
  • Storage capacity: 350ML
  • Output: 3-20w            


Ergonomic design:

  • With much simple, reliable and accurate power regulator.
  • Built-in power supply guarantees the safety of product
  • Voiceless design
  • Water supply system without consumable cost saving.

Aluminum alloy LED detachable handpiece

  • No cracking, more comfortable.
  • Protective sleeve avoids cable breaking and extends life span.
  • Obtains national patents
  • Patented water-proof design
  • Can be autoclaved under the high temperature and pressure

Small size, space saving

  • With two bottles, more convenient for liquid changing
  • The bottle is with 350ml capacity, convenient for adding liquid during operation.
  • Available for distilled water, liquid medicine such as sodium hypochlorite etc
  • Durable water supply system can be irrigated and disinfected.


  • 1.No consumables in water supply system. 
  • 2.With NO CRACKING LED aluminum handpiece (Aluminum alloy detachable handpiece is optional).
  • 3. Built-in power supply with smaller volume is much safer, more convenient than portable one.
  • 4 Independent and wide bottle is easy to be cleaned and added liquid inside.  
  • 5. Accessories are more expensive than most of the other auto water supply scalers in the world so as to ensure P9 more stable.
  • 6. Automatically identifying the function. This means that you can not start the endo function at the scaling area and vice versa.
  • 7. TW3 torque wrench with aluminum alloy material. It keeps invention patent certificate. We use magnet on it, and that can help it to 
  • adsorb scaler tips to avoid dropping off to hurt the dentist because of carelessness. Now other factories’ wrench has no magnet on it. 
  • TW3 can screw the tips for more than 3000 times, while other factories’ wrench can screw the tips only about 500 times.

Packing list :

  • 1* Main Unit
  • 4* O circle
  • 2* Water filter
  • 1* L3 LED detachable Handpiece
  • 1* Endo Wrench
  • 4* Endo file(15#*2, 20#*2)
  • 1* Endo Chuck
  • 6* Scaling tip (T1*1, T2*1, T3*1, T4*1, T5*1, E1*1)
  • 1* Touque wrench
  • 2* Bottle


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