Woodpecker® UDS-E Dental Ultrasonic Scaler

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Woodpecker® UDS-E Dental Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler with water supply system


  • 1. UDS-E is mainly used for teeth cleaning and also an indispensable equipment for tooth disease prevention and treatment.
  • 2. Four functions: scaling, perio, endo and auto-water supply functions.
  • 3. The inner water pipe is made from antisepic meteria, clinicla fluids, such as Hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine and sodium Hypochlorite, etc, can be used perfectly under the mode of anto-water supply system so that the performance of perio and endo is improved dramatically.
  • 4. The handpiece is detachable and can be autoclaved to the temperature of 135 ℃ and the pressure of 0.22MPa.
  • 5. Automatic frequency tracking ensures that the machine always works on the best frequency and performs more steadily.
  • 6. Control by PC, easy operation and more efficient for scaling.
  • 7. Ultrasonic piezo scaler is composed of electrocircut, water way and ultrasonic transduce.
  • 8. The device has been tested and homologated in accordance with EN60601-1-2 for EMC. This does not guarantee in any way that this device will not be effected by electromagnetic interference. Avoid using the device in high electromagnetic environment.
  • 9. Compatible with EMS HANDPIECE and TIPS.



  • Adapter Input: 100V to 240V, 50Hz/60Hz 1.2A (Max)
  • Main Unit Input: 30VDC 1.3A
  • Output Primiry tip vibration excursion: ≤100μm
  • Output Half-excursion force: <2N
  • Output tip Vibration Frequency: 28kHz±3kHz
  • Output Power: 3W - 20W
  • Main unit fuse: 250VT 1.6AL
  • Adapter fuse: 250VT 2.0AL
  • Water pressure: 0.1bar to 5bar (0.01MPa to 0.5MPa)
  • Weight of main unit: 1.35kg
  • Weight of adapter: 0.3kg
  • Operating mode: Continuous operation
  • Type of protection against electric shock: Class II equipment
  • Degree of protection against electric shock: Type BF applied part
  • Degree of protection against harmful ingress of water: Ordinary equipment (IPX0) Protection degree against water (used on the foot switch): IPX1
  • Degree of safety of application in the presence of a Flammable Anaesthetic Mixture with air or with Oxygen or Nitrous Oxide: Equipment not suitable for being used in the presence of a flammable anaesthetic mixture with air or with oxygen or nitrous oxide
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